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Using the entrepreneurial method to foster sustainability and social innovation

About Matthew

In 2008, Matthew was working in Sierra Leone when a cyclone in Myanmar caused a spike in the price of rice: a staple in the Sierra Leonean diet. This made it difficult for many people to adequately feed their families. With climate change causing more extreme weather, Matthew realized that although developed countries cause climate change it is those in developing countries that face its consequences most. Tackling poverty in developing countries starts by creating a more environmentally sustainable world.

Matthew is an advocate for using the entrepreneurial method to foster sustainability and social innovation. He brings together unique insights from his extensive work across startups, social enterprise, and non-profits. He specializes in using the lean methodology to test the riskiest assumptions in models by gathering qualitative information from stakeholders and rapid prototyping.

As a Technical Advisor at CAUSE Canada, Matthew launched microcredit programs in three countries, which have grown to have thousands of clients. Matthew is also experienced in developing sales programs and selling green technologies to early adopters. He is a certified Leanstack Mentor in the Continuous Innovation Methodology. Matthew currently serves as a mentor, coach, and speaker at a number of organizations including Empowered Startups Ltd, OSCE Days, and FishHackathon.


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